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25) In its vision, Rwanda will overcome its past violence and social divisions by replacing ethnicity and other "potentially divisive substate loyalties with an undifferentiating concept of Rwandan-ness.
In practice, however, regime change is sweeping and undifferentiating in its violence.
By aligning efforts, Rackspace and CloudMine's technology will help free mobile application developers at large organizations to design elegant apps without having to worry about back-end code, server deployments, and other undifferentiating IT concerns.
The Akan regard human and non-human forms of life as constituting a single, undifferentiating whole.
As a result of Protocol I's undifferentiating conception of civilians, international humanitarian law found itself, in the words of Best, 'teetering on the edge of a credibility gap,' with the law bestowing on all classes of non-combatants the same protection.
This negation of the duality does not imply the undifferentiating between the two cultural interactants; instead, it refers to no fixed stereotypes and prejudices of the interactants to allow the interpenetration and interfusion between the two polarities (Starosta & Chen, 2003).
It is possible capital markets may not be thinking in joined-up fashion at all, but are instead gripped by undifferentiating fear of the sort that briefly sees even gold as a "risk asset" to be fled from.
Schelling's night drew on Novalis's, against which Schelling seemed anxious to juxtapose, in order to differentiate, his undifferentiating Absolute.
A signal reaction is "undelayed, over-quick, automatic, less observing, impulsive, seeing similarities only, undifferentiating.
A fantasy of origins where the parents are seen or imagined performing an undifferentiating anal penetration (in which both can penetrate and be penetrated), the primal scene does not cast out the possibility of a merging of desire and identification.
Although the book is missing examples from South America, Eastern Europe, China, and India (among other places), its value does not come from offering these case studies as national files, but rather from allowing us to see them mixed together on one table, under the undifferentiating flatness of contemporary light.