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Asifa Bhutto said that Khawaja Asif's non Parliamentary language is not acceptable at any cost, adding that Khawaja Asif has undermined the sanctity of Parliament after using undignified words, on which Asifa Bhutto demanded Maryam Nawaz to not only take notice being a woman against Khawaja Asif, but also take strict action over use of non Parliamentary words.
ISLAMABAD -- The Iranian Embassy in Islamabad on Thursday slammed certain elements in Pakistan for spreading undignified and offensive remarks, which it said were attributed to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, regarding the arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jhadav.
My surgeon at Hull Royal Infirmary told me from the investigations - as undignified and uncomfortable as you can imagine - that he needed to open me up and take it from there.
First of all, I am not an undignified person to turn my back to a coffin of a martyr.
IT'S hard to know which is the more undignified, the very public Twitter spat between Mark Wright and his ex Lauren Goodger or the highly litigious fight between Peter Andre and Katie Price which goes to court in January.
RAY: After spending six figures on a car, it certainly is undignified to be standing around with the hood up, holding a set of jumper cables when you get back from your three-week glamping trip to Botswana.
You should be ashamed of yourself for even portraying such barbaric and undignified posts on a page that represents just how bad people can be.
It's scooped in the air and tipped upside down In a most undignified way.
Trailing after they X Factor boss, waiting to be thrown a few crumbs as if you're a pet dog, as Sinitta's done for years, has always been undignified.
A JUDGE has expressed his hope that a dispute over where the remains of King Richard III should be reburied will be settled without the need for an "unseemly, undignified and unedifying" legal tussle.
Nigeria was removed from this undignified list on account of stringent actions taken by the Nigerian Government.