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The topology among the followers is undirected and is described by graph G with its Laplacian matrix denoted as L.
Let G be a simple undirected graph with vertex set V(G) and edge set E(G).
However, we also know that they ought to be recalculated on the undirected performer-flow graph.
Also we take into consideration the undirected and unweighted graph corresponding for associated matrix of equations system.
Swansea-born Professor Sir John Cadogan believes there is an increasing imbalance in favour of directed research programmes - those conducted with a specic goal in mind - relative to undirected, curiosity-driven "blue sky" research in which scientists are given greater freedom to experiment.
18) Nor is it necessary that the introduction of compensation be restricted to undirected donors.
Some suspects are wanted for involvement in explosions targeting UNIFIL, murder attempts and theft, while others are wanted for trivial things such as undirected throwing of hand grenades.
These practices are regulated, in part, by the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA), which established safe harbor protections for sponsors and plan fiduciaries that move undirected participant assets into QDIAs-i.
This study used a randomized control trial, where students were randomly allocated in their tutorial groups to either an undirected Wiki activity (control, n=4), or an intervention group (n=4) where students were directed to use a Wiki to collaboratively create a glossary of health-related terms.
The low frequencies will remain undirected, however.
Among the topics are functional complexity based on topology, three types of network complexity pyramid, the computational complexity of graphs, dimension measure for complex networks, thermodynamic depth in directed and undirected networks, and circumscribing complexity in ecological networks.
What ID theorists are assessing is not the probability of God having done something, but the probability of undirected nature having produced a complex specified structure given a fixed backdrop of natural regularities.