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The wonder is how they find their way at all where tracks are frequently undiscernable & the maps very incorrect, They appear very nice young fellows, and now I must conclude my long chat with you, trusting that you are all in good health & with best love to all
My remedy would be one of education and growth, whose immediate result would be undiscernable [sic].
It may be unavoidable but it's often uninteresting, undiscernable from the year before or the year after.
The composite is a soft cluttered sound whose text is undiscernable.
I could bludgeon a flowing, emotional poem into a technical death so strict as to be nearly undiscernable without the notation (or tablature, in the musical form), with that itself being an outcropping of art or non-art.
Incense is used abundantly every few minutes throughout the service, but it is a light, almost undiscernable, incense.