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She has quite boldly or subtly -- it's hard to point which -- pushed and prodded the means of expressing and celebrating the female form, which may pass unnoticed by the undiscerning eye, much without a hint of provocation.
19) It is now the time of beginning the appeal to undiscerning youth audiences represented by Mildred who defines an epic as "a picture that's real long and there's lots of things going on".
Grown-ups may be put off by Karey Kirkpatrick's family comedy, but undiscerning kids may like it.
Whether you found your hidden springs unblocked by the experience was down to the degree to which you buy into Ronay's latter-day shaman act--one whose mode of address stands somewhat shakily on the border between genuine sincerity and commitment and a kind of overearnestness that more skeptical viewers might mark as symptoms of either undiscerning infatuation or incipient irony.
Suddenly, the candy becomes metaphorical for an undiscerning, insincere religion.
In a society of unreflective, undiscerning yes-men and yes-women, politics becomes meaner and business can invite disasters such as the economic meltdown or the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico" (Allemang, 2010, p.
All the better to rope in the most undiscerning of teenage girls.
A rifle-armed right-fielder, an undiscerning but lethal presence at the plate, and a reckless base runner, Clemente was the first Latino player enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
It may even give style kudos to a category that is often perceived to be 'unfoody' or undiscerning.
Call offers applicable battlefield lessons for future warriors, describing an interesting dilemma known as "Predator crack"--an overreliance on remotely piloted aerial vehicles--and pointing out the myopic view of the battlefield it can present to the undiscerning commander.
There was a strong social distinction between the civil servant and the politician, where the former was regarded as urban, skilled and astute, while the latter appears as a rural farmer, untutored and undiscerning and therefore not suited for high office.
Then there's Fallon the accused, staring balefully from the front page of the newspapers under headlines screaming about racing in disrepute, an easy scapegoat for an undiscerning public convinced that racing is rotten to the core.