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This is both an undiscerning and ruthless disease that, if allowed, will not hesitate to cut down anyone and everyone regardless of who they might be.
For Dickinson, one sign of an undiscerning, or self-deluding, mind--whether of poetic, practical, or scientific bent--is that it presumes to be able to define and understand fully what the creatures and objects of the natural world are and mean.
These reports render visible several tendencies frequently noted by recent scholars of FBI surveillance on expressive culture, such as the indiscriminate scooping actions that Claire Culleton and Karen Leick call "the bureau's undiscerning shrimp net" (Culleton and Leick 2008: 2).
Improbably shaped White Dee proving that being vaguely normal turns you into a firm favourite with the undiscerning viewers.
Essentially repeating its predecessor's castle-siege narrative--minus the vague historical basis this time --writer-director Jonathan English's dank-looking film delivers enough amputations, decapitations and other instances of rusty-bladed gore to distract undiscerning genre fans stuck between seasons of "Came of Thrones," but serves no other obvious purpose.
But to the undiscerning eye and to the conscious mind the apparent opposites are absolute and rigidly poles apart.
Highly entertaining, "Brain: The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World" is recommended reading--especially for anyone who has ever set about trying to get something of quality published only to see hackneyed flack work be received enthusiastically by an undiscerning public.
In addition, undiscerning application of chemical fungicides has led to pathogens becoming more resistant that require higher concentrations of fungicide application in the long run (Fu et al.
The Monza (spoiler and all) was put out of its misery by some undiscerning carthieves in a sleepy corner of Cape Town almost 10 years ago to this day.
11) Episteme is "ideology" in these undiscerning terms.
When workers are paid -- many of whom are in their undiscerning teenage years -- hourly rates at or near the minimum wage, as most fast food joints do, we can't pretend that we expect them to take their jobs seriously.
With the rapid proliferation of IVF centres in Nigeria and media campaigns whose motives predominantly appear be to drive the volumes into the clinics rather than to educate the undiscerning public, there is room for exploitation of patients.