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Why do you send gifts and love letters to me, an unfirm young man and with a nose not undiscerning? For I above all others sniff out more keenly than a swift dog where the pig hides, whether a foul-smelling polyp beds in your nose or a billy-goat beds in your shaggy armpits.
Again, Marsilius admits that a portion of the polity will be incapable of making proper decisions for the commonweal, but this "vicious and undiscerning" minority is not of too much concern to him.
Okara -- The undiscerning achievement of targets of National Action Plan (NAP) would be helpful in prevailing positive attitudes among the masses.
Aoun has never hesitated to rock the boat in pursuit of his presidential ambitions, and unlike his undiscerning followers he must be angry that Hezbollah will not help him.
Dogs are also incredibly needy and utterly undiscerning. They love everyone.
Provincial readers were also, in this account, not nearly the undiscerning or indifferent mass that urban editors often portrayed.
Speaking about the undiscerning Arab viewers, Saghran said: "The average Arab is too busy on a day-to-day basis trying to make ends meet and yet they do have that thirst for art so Arab film producers do not invest in high quality productions which in turn drives viewers towards international imported cinema."
The value of some sources is questioned in passing but their content then taken at face value anyway while the credibility of other potentially more problematic sources is simply taken for granted, and the desire to integrate her specific discussion into a master narrative of sorts repeatedly leads to rather undiscerning syntheses of the banal and the specific.
Whereas the verbal eruption may appear meaningless to an undiscerning reader, it is not devised to be a meaningless outburst but to signify the worthlessness and inconsequentiality of the personalities and anomalous attitudes of leaders in political, social and spiritual spheres and practices as represented by the System of As.
He thus seeks to move away from the predominantly negative and pessimistic views of the repertoire as decadent, hyper-expressive, and simplistic, arguing that the audience might not have been as undiscerning as we believe them to be; some members could have heard these complex aural features.
However, dragnets may be as undiscerning as a dredge as well--inexact in what they collect.
Whether the wine was off or there was a problem with my undiscerning teen palate I'll never know, but Beaujolais' reputation and fortunes were to nose dive a few years later.