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After 5 days of hydration, we observed undischarged and discharged isorhizas, and a few euryteles were visible through the layer of tissue, but still no mastigophores were found (Fig.
The Insolvency Service said that such cases are rare, but it is the potential risk which is currently putting banks off offering accounts to undischarged bankrupts.
Sarah Brooks, director of financial services at Consumer Focus, said: "This is worrying news for people with undischarged bankruptcy who need access to an account to manage day-to-day life.
It has called for an industry-wide agreement to make all banks cater for undischarged bankrupts, at which point it will consider reversing its decision.
Charity Citizens Advice said the majority of banks were refusing to let undischarged bankrupts open even a basic bank account, that did not have a credit facility, despite there being no legal justification for this.
Although Thorne is an undischarged bankrupt, the court said he was still responsible for the payments to his family.
The court stated that the obligation to pay a commission "is personal" and does not run with the land the same way, for example an undischarged mortgage would.
Despite Castle being an undischarged bankrupt paying no income tax and Rogers earning u70 a week as a part-time shop assistant, there were four years of large cash deposits in her account.
What most trainers end up with is a ragbag of undischarged bankrupts, dipsomaniac ex-publicans, hard-punting conspiracy theorists and 100-strong syndicates consisting of 100 self-taught racing managers.
A WELL-KNOWN businessman who carried on running a firm without disclosing that he was an undischarged bankrupt has been jailed for four months.
And she was tipped over the edge when she learned she would never see a penny from selling her story because she was an undischarged bankrupt.
He disappeared while facing charges connected to a company he ran while an undischarged bankrupt.