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She also showed her disappointment over workers undisciplined attitude in the ceremony and projecting a bad impression of the party.
on a customer's driving background and to give disciplined drivers discounts at the expense of undisciplined ones," Vardikyan said.
Your Poem OUR BROKEN SOCIETY TWO world wars were fought To keep our country free Now we are being attacked By our own society Four nights of riots In cities north and south Destruction and devastation By thugs and parasites Politicians spouting empty words Making us think they cared The police force were undermanned An anarchy swept the land Our country once proud and great Has become undisciplined and unsafe No jobs for our young people Has made them disillusioned One parent families struggling alone Well now it's all come home What can we do to put it right It will be a long hard fight Let's hope the future Positive action will be taken In home and schools Across the nation I pray law and order Will prevail And our broken society Will become whole again.
Staff of Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labour Union (CBA) Pasheen Division in a press statement expressed grief over the present undisciplined state of the QESCO.
It will also decide whether or not to expel some military personnel on ground of undisciplined actions.
He said that in addition to accusing undisciplined Hizbullah members, the indictment would distance Syria and its allies from involvement in Hariri's assassination.
and) he said: Sayyed, in this month or that month there will be an indictment which accuses members in Hezbollah, undisciplined members which the group has no relations with ," Nasrallah said, speaking by video link to a news conference in Beirut.
I was personally informed by Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri before his visit to Washington (in May) that the [Hariri]tribunal will accuse some undisciplined members" of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah said in a press conference via video link in Beirut on Thursday.
Ancient's joint player manager Wayne Phillips saw red shortly after two yellows in two undisciplined minutes but the 10 men fought back bravely.
of undisciplined taxpayers and in an attempt to help them get used to the obligation.
Some parents are young and undisciplined themselves but they must be held responsible for their kids.
A student with violent outbursts, who might just appear undisciplined, can be reliving the emotion of a turbulent event in a war-torn country, experiencing a heightened "flight or fight" response.