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By the same token, it remains out of reach and sight, invisible, undisclosable and unutterable.
Her existence is linked to Italy and the world in a transcendent experience of undisclosable, "secret operations." Her ambition to sacrifice herself for her country rests upon this impossible condition of expressing the inexpressible, thus rendering her impulse for martyrdom less immediate if no less alarming.
He is due to regain control of the shares on February 10, but is now no longer the company's largest shareholder It is thought around a quarter of the company is under family ownership, as other members have undisclosable holdings of under 3%.
Many of Levertov's poems speak from a sense of absence from her lover, for the limit of erotic union, the lover's inevitable otherness, is the counterpart of that inaccessible "otherness within the self," and that undisclosable mystery within the other, out of which all speech arises (Ong, "Voice" 52).
After it has recalled the earlier themes of Death and Transfiguration, it withdraws, leaving them in dialectical balance, to point beyond itself toward an undisclosed and maybe undisclosable future.
A few nights after my arrival in Istanbul last summer, I took myself to an undisclosable location.
It has done its job, served its purpose--witnessed and told the truth, except for the truth that is always hard to disclose, and is in fact undisclosable by irony: the deepest truth of inwardness.
In addition, he's also keen to let the band's followers know that they'll be getting their first chance to hear tracks from the band's upcoming album, which currently has an undisclosable name.