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When it comes to lying, NARAL has continued being "tough and persistent, undiscouraged and unbowed.
Undiscouraged by the failure of Sion to win the bid for the 2006 Winter Olympics, Montreux is preparing a possible candidature for the 2010 games (the only other Swiss hopeful for the same year could be a joint Zurich-Graubunden effort).
27) Social constructionism carries a promise of liberation, an opening up of what has been closed: once we see clearly that it is we who make knowledge, the thought is, we will see how to unmake it undiscouraged and unintimidated by the threat that our efforts will amount to a futile battering against something that cannot give way: reality.
He is undiscouraged by the prospect of how little our critical vagaries arise from literary or pedagogical concerns.
Undiscouraged by this lukewarm reception, On Demand now plans to make a comeback by distributing demos, reviews, and dowloadable software to Fortune 1000 clients.
From the early 1820s factory owners, seeking the rewards for improving safety, were able to turn for cheaper policies and bonus payments to a string of new offices that were undiscouraged by the earlier losses of the market leaders.