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She states that a "single set of stimuli essential to learning" that Clark wants to identify as required for learning is undiscoverable, and that Kozma is strongly biased toward "the mandatory interjection of high tech media" into his research (Schrock, 1994, p.
In a study of the Archpriest's exemplum in relation to other medieval versions of the story, Laurence De Looze sums up the moral of the episode thusly: "The potentiality that perfect understanding and complete misunderstanding might be interchangeable and undiscoverable threatens to destabilize the whole process of meaning.
(283) The limitations period tolls if a petition relies on a new, previously undiscoverable fact, but, on the court's reasoning, Simmons was not a new fact for purposes of the limitations provision.
The solution is to set up a blog to be undiscoverable by search engines and to allow access to the blog only by accepted authors, i.e., the students in the class.
Some insurers may back away from the market in certain locales, while those with existing policies will see claims for alleged construction defects that existed but were undiscoverable since waterproofing mechanisms were not tested during the drought.
The jointly developed fraud analytics platform gives CSPs the ability to fight global telecommunications fraud and detect previously undiscoverable revenue threats, delivering up to 350 percent improvement over rules-based offerings based on measurements in test labs and live operator environments.
Sound recordings of the caged male and of undiscoverable males in the field were made with a Laar Bridge Box XL (BVL von Laar, Klein Gornow) at 400 kHz sampling rate and stored on DAT (digital audio tape) using a Sony Walkman (TCD-D7 and TCD-D100).
Due to this many services which are most relevant to the user request is left undiscoverable. Hence, discovering cloud services have more hurdles compared with web service discovery from WSDL files and UDDI registry [14].
Should President Obama permit the import of such undisclosed, and undiscoverable, agents of terror into America, it will only be a matter of time before mass shootings, car bombings, improvised explosive devices and other acts of terror will become the wretched fruit of such misguided benevolence.
This essay reflects a recent trend in life writing in which a scholar gleans "otherwise undiscoverable realities" about major historical trends through the life of an ordinary person.
In Pym, it is grief over an undiscoverable country of all-male community that signals queer desire.