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If the work-product tests focus on a document's content, as was the case in Deloitte, "attorneys preparing preventative or pre-transaction legal advice can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation and reduce their assessments to writing because they will have assurance that their work-product will be undiscoverable regardless of the functional document into which their thoughts and opinions are incorporated.
107) The fact that the Supreme Court recognized in Hickman that one of the haziest frontiers of the discovery process is the distinction between discoverable business documents and protected work product documents seems to indicate that the Supreme Court understood the possibility that business documents could contain work product which would be undiscoverable.
For "a vast circle of mystery" would be "the back ground of all other representations," with God "a Being infinite, undiscovered, undiscoverable, therefore true.
Although the rule refers to "tangible things," the "mental impressions, conclusions, opinions, or legal theories of a party's attorney or other representative concerning the litigation" (so-called opinion work product) must still be protected and courts have held such work product to be "virtually undiscoverable.
However, other cosmologists speculate that there very well may have been something undiscovered and, perhaps, undiscoverable, existing before the Big Bang.
And since truth is believed to be undiscoverable and therefore undiscussable, feelings are the most important feature people have.
a population frequency of less than one percent) are likely to be undiscoverable prior to an adverse reaction.
King Rat and Kitti Leetah, Goddess of the Cats, were frozen in time by a mystical stone, but 3,000 years later when legendary explorer Gorran Fitzwarren and his niece Scout stumble upon the undiscoverable tomb of the undiscoverable and take the stone, they unwittingly release King Rat and restart the ancient struggle between good and evil.
and undiscoverable tax liability, could be a form of binding oneself to
The elements that go between the tribes to ignite tribal wars, branded by the President of the Government of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit as "enemies of peace" are undiscoverable.
With Roland Barthes, or rather with those who are inspired by his research, the neutralization of language quickly proves itself to be a mystification: one passes from a critique of signification to the refusal of signification; from a world poorly deciphered to an indecipherable world; from a world to discover to an undiscoverable world.