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section] 2255(f), runs from the latest date of (1) the date a prisoner's judgment becomes final; (2) the date on which an illegal or unconstitutional government impediment to the prisoner making the motion is removed; (3) the prisoner's assertion of a right newly recognized by the Supreme Court and made retroactively applicable to cases on collateral review; or (4) the subsequent discovery of supporting facts that were otherwise undiscoverable through due diligence.
By making sense of candidate social activity, and compiling those details into a rich professional profile, complete with contact information, recruiters in the Middle East can now find many previously undiscoverable candidates - including those not actively seeking a new job.
As of 2005, the table shows, almost all federal agencies that published microdata reported using some form of nonignorable, undiscoverable data perturbation.
His penultimate stanza emphasizes Beauty and Truth as now undiscoverable on earth.
It's like life-a game whose purpose is to discover the rules, which rules are always changing and always undiscoverable.
Anonymous Quail meat-an undiscoverable alternative (2009).
71) Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Ltd u Peterson (2010), 184 FCR 1 at para 570, [2011] FCAFC 128; see generally Claudia Newman-Martin, "Manufacturers' Liability for Undiscoverable Design Flaws in Prescription Drugs: A Merck-Y Area of the Law" (2011) 19:1 Torts Law Journal 26.
It also constitutes the potential location of Anastasie's lost, undiscoverable corpse, of which it begins to smell strongly (267, 270).
He explains the way to disable 'Find My iPhone' feature from iPhone; this flaw will make the iPhone undiscoverable.
At the conclusion of the questionnaire, participants were encouraged to distribute the survey to colleagues working at public and school libraries in the state, creating a chain survey design, in an attempt to solicit feedback from members of the target population who would otherwise be undiscoverable.
By following this system of understanding called science, we can learn more and more about the otherwise undiscoverable nature of stars, about their long, strange lives and bizarre, transformational deaths.
The mainstream media has consigned much of what is found here to its margins and rendered it undiscoverable to many.