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Here, Zinos (Adam Bousdoukos) owns a thriving warehouse-cum-restaurant in a rundown rail yard neighborhood of Hamburg, where he serves cheap pre-packaged grub to blissfully undiscriminating customers.
This time I definitely found myself paddling around with more undiscriminating pleasure than before in the the pond of Johnson's scattered and tangential facts and anecdotes.
Specifically, it refers to article 4 of the directive on competition, which says that the awarding of radio frequencies for electronic communications should be based on objective, transparent, undiscriminating and proportional criteria.
This means an equal and undiscriminating treatment on markets for public procurements of other CEFTA members.
The prohibition campaigner Fedor Rybakov believed that political parties should foster within the electorate a 'herd instinct' which would serve to channel the undiscriminating and unstable emotions of individuals and crowds towards certain forms of action, certain strategic goals.
The conventional view of promiscuous, undiscriminating males and coy, choosy females has also been applied to our own species," says lead study author Dr.
Outside of their undiscriminating butchery in Iraq, they have preferred spectacular attacks against high-profile targets such as the 2005 bombings of Istanbul's British Consulate, a British bank and two synagogues.
I can only describe it as smooth bland karaoke fare for the undiscriminating, and not a patch on last year's Flying the Flag by Scooch.
If at times Davis seems excessive in his undiscriminating enthusiasm for the work, we are more than compensated by what we learn about the creative process.
Jennifer Phegley discusses how two Victorian literary magazines sought to disprove dominant cultural notions of women as undiscriminating, dangerously suggestible readers.
How else can one explain the mass psychosis that gripped the nation this week as Celebrity Big Brother, a programme hitherto confined to providing cheap-as-chips divertisement for undiscriminating couch potatoes, was suddenly propelled to the top of the domestic political agenda and manufactured into a cause cAlAbre on the sub-Continent?
Undiscriminating labels that describe the region as an 'arc of instability', which originated with the Australians, are likewise questioned (Gerald McGhie); so, too, is the ultimate achievability of the new Pacific Plan (Sabina Lautensach), a proud accomplishment of the recent New Zealand tenure as Pacific Forum Chair but one where enduring Pacific Islands ownership of the document has yet to be proven.