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If Aristotle did not question the equation but undiscriminatingly referred to the dithyramb/ring-dance as Arion's invention, his pupil Dicaearchus, in assigning the invention of [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to Arion (as reported by the Aristophanic scholiast cited above), may simply have followed suit.
Specifically, he accuses Meyerbeer of an undiscriminatingly eclectic style, a lack of originality and a superficial talent for the type of easy embellishment both he and Sand so despised.
These first predicate calculus proof-seeking programs may have inspired, and perhaps even deserved, the disparaging label 'British Museum method' (see [33]), which was destined to be pinned on any merely-generated-and-test procedure which blindly and undiscriminatingly tries all possible combinations in the hope that a winning one, or even an acceptable one, may eventually turn up.