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Hattersley strode up to the fire, and interposing his height and breadth between us and it, stood with arms akimbo, expanding his chest, and gazing round him as if the house and all its appurtenances and contents were his own undisputed possessions.
This must be some old lion whose failing strength and agility had forced him to any prey that he could catch; but even a single lion, undisputed, could exterminate the tribe, or at least make its existence so precarious and so terrifying that life would no longer be a pleasant condition.
Only a man who knows nothing of motors talks of motoring without petrol; only a man who knows nothing of reason talks of reasoning without strong, undisputed first principles.
Now this last is the undisputed province of judgment, and yet some few men of wit have agreed with all the dull fellows in the world in representing these two to have been seldom or never the property of one and the same person.
When you came to 201 there was a hearty welcome, a kind smile, a good dinner, and a jolly shake of the hand from the host and hostess there, just for all the world as if they had been undisputed masters of three or four thousand a year--and so they were, not in money, but in produce and labour--if they did not pay for the mutton, they had it: if they did not give bullion in exchange for their wine, how should we know?
On that view he considered himself entitled to undisputed success.
But as he was never known to be guilty of such lightness of conduct either before or afterwards, this may be looked upon as a malicious invention of his enemies--founded, perhaps, upon the undisputed circumstance of his taking his guest by the third breast button of his coat, counting downwards from the chin, and pouring his reply into his ear:
In UFC Undisputed Fight Nation, players train with guidance from UFC President Dana White to master moves from multiple mixed martial arts disciplines, compete against friends and other Fight Nation members inside the virtual Octagon[TM] and share their results on Facebook as they progress from student to professional in their virtual careers.
The other says that Hopkins, the undisputed middleweight champion, has become a partner in Golden Boy Promotions and is president of Golden Boy Promotions East.
Since 1992 when I lost to Riddick Bowe I've been saying I want to come back to be undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
NASDAQ: THQI) and Zuffa, LLC today announced the latest edition to the prominent UFC([R]) Undisputed([TM])sports videogame franchise with the launch of UFC Undisputed Fight Nation(TM), the first official Facebook game based on the world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, the Ultimate Fighting Championship([R]).
I look at that fight and I say, `This is De La Hoya when he didn't have the $100 million, when he was staking his claim,' '' said Hopkins, who tonight will defend his undisputed world middleweight championship against De La Hoya at MGM Grand.