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Dichotomies are to be found at each breath, at each step, be it either the sun facing the shadow, or the blood facing its undissolvable counterpart.
5, great sealing ability, prevent bacterial penetration, inert and undissolvable.
The problem with all of this is the entrenchment in the British state and political classes of a rather narrow, doctrinaire idea of power and sovereignty: one in which the latter is absolute, undissolvable and not shared across nations and territories.
This love-hate relationship was like an undissolvable Catholic marriage that linked London, still known as the capital of the Middle East, with the Arabic speaking world through the BBC's unchallenged credibility.
Yet to do that work, a poem needs to retain in itself some of the disequilibrium that called it forth, and also to include the uncomfortable remainder, the undissolvable residue carried over--that inclusiveness is what wholeness means.