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* if the current undissolved fraction is greater than the equilibrium value given by Henry's law ([x.sub.u] > [x.sub.u,eq])qi, the gas progressively dissolves within the liquid to reach the equilibrium state;
The samples (3 g) were mixed with 27 mL of 5% (w/v) SDS, heated at 85[degrees]C for 1 h, and then centrifuged at 8,500 x g for 5 min at 25[degrees]C using a centrifuge (5804 R Eppendorf, Germany) to remove undissolved debris.
When the nuclei of heterogeneous nucleation are preferentially present at the vessel surface, the undissolved particle interface, and other nonmain phase positions, it is termed heterogeneous nucleation.
The resulting mixture was freeze-dried, and inorganic salts were removed by dissolving in dry ethanol and filtering off undissolved solids.
Furthermore, when tension was subsequently reduced in order to allow the suction cup to return to its previous neutral position, the cavity disappeared (as was expected under Boyle's Law, which describes the inverse relationship between pressure on the one hand and volume of an otherwise fixed amount of undissolved gas on the other hand).
Average undissolved lead concentrations varied from 7.6 ppb in winter to 48.4 ppb in summer.
In addition, when the molten steel is poured into the mold, porosity can occur from the undissolved gases in the molten steel.
Acid molecules trapped in the bond structure and undissolved at the neutralization process, will directly affect pH of the final product.
The second and/or third doses were not administered to women who had three uterine contractions per 10 min sustained for 30-60 s each, spontaneous membrane rupture, uterine hyperstimulation, fetal heart rate abnormality, or who had previous undissolved tablets in the vagina.
In one of the book's most moving poems, dedicated to the memory of the Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti, who died during the Holocaust, Larkin imagines the poet's body unearthed with his "notebook in his coat," in which "still undissolved poems" are "fused to each other / with blood and body fluids." Does the act of writing poetry transcend the horror of labor camps and forced marches?
Dissolution media contains dissolved and undissolved excipients and active compound; filtration removes the undissolved ingredients and provides a representative sample at a certain time point.
As such, an ocean-like envelope of undissolved neon could collect deep within the planet and prevent the erosion of Saturn's core compared to its neighbor Jupiter, where core materials, such as iron, would be dissolving into the surrounding liquid hydrogen.