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Lagers are generally fairly bland, cold and undistinctive.
Compared to other great poets in English, such as Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Pope, Tennyson, Hopkins, Whitman, Hardy, and Yeats, critics have often thought of Wordsworth's verse as relatively pedestrian, undistinguished, and undistinctive.
A specific set of difficulties afflicts the players in this region: a broad but undistinctive product offering, a high level of costs, and a lack of the International distribution network that is essential to true global success.
Amid undistinctive office buildings, the centers are glittering symbols of civic pride and identity that proclaim these former farm towns have "arrived.
I do think it's inconsiderate and selfish of parents to give their children names which they'll have to explain for the rest of their lives so, in this matter alone, I'm in favour of the neutral and the undistinctive.
Music is fine, apart from a couple of bog-standard Spanish rock songs, but voice work, at least in the Spanish version, is undistinctive.
Helmer Lee Sang-il, a third-generation Korean-Japanese, does a serviceable, if undistinctive, job in the director's chair.
Except for Myers, who brings a wonderfully amusing edge and humor to his biographical role, the ensemble is appealing but undistinctive, mostly due to the shortcomings of the writing.
They will call US about redirecting the look of what they do, as there are concerns about falling into the black hole with thousands of other undistinctive commercials," he says.