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I wonder how mariners feel when the ship is sinking, and they, unknown and undistinguished, are to be buried together in the ocean--that wide and nameless sepulchre?
Everything seemed undistinguished about the priest, even down to his name, which was Brown; yet the colonel had always found something companionable about him, and frequently asked him to such family gatherings.
John Cleese on England's one-day cricket captain after the team's undistinguished performance in that competition.
With the mindless explosion of television channels, and a distorted view of what it means to be part of an egalitarian society, it is virtually guaranteed that there will be individuals who convince themselves that their tedious, unattractive and undistinguished lives, will somehow be of interest to the viewers.
99 until Tuesday at Tesco) Until recently, Sicily's Nero D'Avola was an undistinguished grape variety, mainly used in blending.
I SEE, from the artist's impressions of the new Science Central project, that another undistinguished oblong is to be dumped in the city centre, making our beautiful Newcastle-upon-Tyne a little more anonymous.
Diehards may cheer its belated release, but it is mostly undistinguished, resolutely mediocre rock-a-boogie.
HOW disappointing is the plan for city centre south: nothing to put Coventry on the map as a special destination, no iconic buildings or indoor landscaped areas to attract people in winter, just undistinguished three to five-storey buildings and "public realms".
How some small businesses get their ducks in a row and grow while others remain undistinguished.
In commending 10 Weymouth Street, the judges highlighted the transformation of "a relatively undistinguished six storey 1960s block in the heart of London, giving it a striking new identity with extensive use of brass cladding and dramatic cantilevered balconies.
And a relaxed Phil Mickelson has high hopes of improving on his relatively undistinguished Open record as he and the rest of the field seek to wrest the famous claret jug away from 2010 champion Louis Oosthuizen.
Yet Jordan Henderson's move from Sunderland to Liverpool is said to have gone through at pounds 20m despite the fact he's made one solitary and rather undistinguished performance for his country, and netted just three goals all season and was dropped towards the end of it.