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Weijers's Undistorted Experience Machine avoids this problem.
dy]) of radial distortion in undistorted image, [r.
The only vote we ever had, 35 years ago, was for something called a Common Market, which promised to remove trade barriers and give us "free and undistorted competition".
Ryanair will challenge the court's refusal to request a preliminary ruling from the European courts and to provide undistorted competition in France.
For instance, the Web site notes that cone beam images provide undistorted dimensional views of the jaws, while panoramic x-ray images are distorted.
It is our job to provide a clear, undistorted lens through which decision-makers can assess risk as they really are.
Translated, this means loud and undistorted music to drive to
Advanced mirroring techniques ensure the reflected image is clear and undistorted.
He ignores the often divisive parochialism born of interservice rivalry, choosing instead to present the facts as we need them: unvarnished and undistorted.
The solution is to "pre-distort" the original image (a technique called anamorphosis) so that subsequent stretching produces an undistorted final image.