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Family ownership, usually in the form of large, undiversified blockholdings, may increase the propensity to use hedging policies to reduce personal wealth portfolio risk at the expense of firm value.
Yet, the country's economy is dangerously undiversified and faces some daunting macroeconornic challenges.
Investors today are far too aware that having an undiversified portfolio potentially exposes them to negative market swings, and the experiences from 2008 have been a clear lesson.
The study also found that undiversified real estate portfolios comprised of 100% core funds, commonly perceived of as the safest real estate investments and to which pension funds have dramatically increased their allocations over the past year, were actually significantly riskier than optimally blended public/private real estate portfolios.
Owners of small and midsize private businesses may bear more undiversified risk than any other group.
Demand for reinsurance should especially come from undiversified insurers and mutuals without easy access to capital, and from increased use of reinsurance as a risk-mitigation tool, according to a recent report from consultancy Oliver Wyman and investment banker Morgan Stanley.
With few large private employers, the economic base remains undiversified and largely dependent on external factors, including federal and State fiscal policy, the health of the Anchorage economy, and the price of oil.
In light of the undiversified holdings of family owners (Anderson, Mansi & Reeb, 2003) and the strong attachment they display to their current activities (Sharma & Manikutty, 2005; Zellweger & Astrachan, 2008), we expect that these owners evaluate investment alternatives that imply differing leverage levels based on reference points, considering "Can we afford it?
The commissioner said the species of tree has been selected by professional foresters from the city, the state and the federal government to assure diversity that will reduce the city's vulnerability to the beetle or other pests or diseases that have wiped out undiversified forests in the past or could in the future.
All in all, at this stage Norilsk remains a pure commodity play with low operational and geographical diversification, undiversified commodity price risk and no growth strategy.
The opportunity cost approach suggests that an undiversified investor requires a return that is as great as they would realise by leveraging up the market portfolio to achieve the same level of risk as their undiversified asset carries (Meulbroek, 2001).
The preferences of diversified investors are quite different from those of undiversified investors.