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Aladdin, knowing that their task was vain, bade them undo their work and carry the jewels back, and the genie finished the window at his command.
In vain the Prince rushed to their assistance and strove to undo the cord.
But the real usefulness of this magic power," I thought, "would be to undo some harm, some painful event, some accident--"
Which one might not undo without a sabre, If one could merely comprehend the plot.
As soon as the violence of the blast had abated a little, Nikita took off his mittens, stuck them into his belt, breathed onto his hands, and began to undo the straps of the shaft-bow.
Come down, and undo the shop window, that I may get in that way.
An undo button appears at the top of the screen after hitting send, and clicking it returns the email to a user's inbox, ready to be edited once more.
para]]A new eco-friendly brand from Turkey has taken steps towards decreasing the ecological footprint of the footwear industry with an innovative product: UNDO Laces[[/para]]
But, sadly, a fiery speech to the Scottish TUC, on the same day a newly revived SNP's manifesto is published, won't undo his most expensive own goal.
com this week to simplify its web mail service, including in-line replies and undo button.
The firm behind a fast expanding reversible debugging tool, Undo Software, is lifting the lid on a funding round for the first time by saying that it has secured $1.
US President Barack Obama is warning congressional Republicans not to undo financial regulations he signed two years ago, taking specific note of the work of a consumer agency created by the new law.