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The Rafah events between the Egyptian Government and Hamas imply that whenever efforts are close to soft-pedaling the position vis-Ea-vis the signature of the Egyptian platform for reconciliation, a certain development takes place and makes this goal more undoable.
Perhaps my father's unwritten ending had in some way caused me to book this brown bear hunt that had always seemed too expensive, too undoable.
A prospect [looking to build his or her own place] is undoable right now.
We've got to think the previously unthinkable, we've got to do what was previously undoable.
21 Days to Creating Your Dream Life" is an inspirational guide seeking to give people the motivation they need to rise up and take the radical action they've always thought unreasonable and undoable by their standards.
Compensation that tries to undo the undoable by compelling still further victims is not justice--it's merely more injustice.
However, as far as I know, there is no massive, coordinated, rush effort to tally all that is still undoable from the past eight years.
Yet there is something to be said for attempting the undoable, and Von Greyerz's work will serve as the standard for further discussion, research, and interpretation for years to come.
The extra add-ons or documentation requirements, due to the subsequent repricing, then made the already marginal loans undoable.
And the cost in economic activity and jobs would be very, very harsh and undoable.
Negative people can have toxic attitudes and try to make you think that your ideas are undoable.
I think this is absolutely undoable for a host of reasons," says Dan Luecke, an environmental scientist and hydrologist who also has been labeled the single most influential opponent of Two Forks Dam, a Denver Water project for the South Platte River that was killed by the federal government in 1990.