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But Cessna was unapologetic, explaining that its parent company, Textron, insisted that the 162 had to be profitable and although Cessna targeted a $100,000 entry price, that proved undoable.
High fever and an upset stomach did not deter the newly appointed chief minister from fulfiling a key m dmi Party ( P) manifesto promise, and doing what his critics have derisively called undoable.
It may sound undoable, but the system is manmade, so can be unmade.
What's plausible cannot be cynically dismissed as undoable or immoral.
In his work and in his personal relationships, Paul is a man who listens to others, discards the undoable and improbable, and transitions his discourse with others from fanciful and false choices to solutions that can be achieved.
Aquino has sought increased security for the troops, saying they face "an undoable mission" if their security in the increasingly violent buffer zone is not bolstered.
First, compared to the highly challenging and sometimes undoable tasks of the mainstream textbook, the activity booklets seemed simple.
The unthinkable has been thought, the undoable has been done and the unaffordable has been afforded.
The political leadership of the country has gone brainsick, and they are throwing absolutely undoable ideas of no match in the whole world.
If Emmet felt a paper topic was undoable, he would provide another one; however, he was open to students' ideas and always welcomed opportunities to educate himself further.
The Business Standard gushed: "As if on a steroid, the government cleared all that had been seemingly undoable till now, in spite of the frowning allies and the opposition.