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Indeed the Our Lady The Undoer of Knots (also known as Mary the Untier of Knots) is a Marian devotion with urgent relevance in today's world, and the President has chosen this as theme of the gift after learning about how the Pontiff discovered Our Lady The Undoer of Knots while doing his doctoral studies in theology in Germany.
A Palace statement said the Pope first encountered the devotion of Mary, Undoer of Knots in the 1980s at the Church of St.
The Eucharistic Adorers League will give away estampitas of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, the favorite Marian devotion of Pope Francis who found the icon of the Virgin Mary in a church in Ansburg, Germany, when he was a young priest.
They are part of a very large group of sonnets attacking foreign undoers of the Bible: all the alien demythologizers, comparative-religionists, "neologists" ("The Young Neologist at Bethlehem: A Recommendatory Letter"; CXLVI), enders of the faith (modern announcers of "Terminus": CXXV).
The wolves, and for that matter the ravens, are undoers.
109) As Kirby J stated in I W, 'protective and remedial legislation should not be construed narrowly lest courts become the undoers and destroyers of the benefits and remedies provided by such legislation.
Nearly two thousand years ago the Greek philosopher Plutarch wrote, "Men who love building are their own undoers, and need no other enemies.