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And their views seem relaxed and undogmatic in this regard (Barry, 2002).
Yet the sestet is a single, undogmatic conditional sentence, flinging itself into the energy of the present participle-"launching," "straining.
Cardus shared Pater's general approach to criticism - liberal and open-minded, undogmatic, non-ideological, intuitive.
Evans argued that "liberal pluralism is the spontaneous thought form of the marketed mind, a sort of unavowable dogma of the undogmatic that excels at neutralizing distinctions and defusing contradictions in a disingenuous game of anything goes (so long as it sells).
Calvin, as Donne knew, was a significantly undogmatic interpreter of scripture (Sermons 6.
To the contrary, what emerges in the course of her study's scrupulous and undogmatic readings, is the image of an author who never (except perhaps in his verylast poems) allows the underlying paradigms and theoretical assumptions to congeal into conventional formulae that are repeated in a uniform way, but who instead constantly pursues the various possible effects that can be produced through the linguistic permutation of the underlying aesthetic and poetological possibilities.
Peter's pleasure in probing a complicated topic in conversation, his sometimes whimsical, sometimes sardonic wit, an undogmatic openness, and an undisguised skeptical stance toward current fashionable theories and pieties made a combination that obviously discomfited some colleagues of strong ideological bent but I found congenial.
Clare's undogmatic exploration of these questions participates in this larger conversation among philosophy, science, and art, gently contesting the reflexive primacy of vision in modern thought and asserting the specifically poetic importance of sound, both the sounds of the world and the sounds of language.
This work is by no means the last word on Camden, but as Herendeen so engagingly shows, such an aim would be somehow inappropriate for so open-ended and undogmatic an author.
To Lawrence's earnest, undogmatic seeking, Burack brings expertise in modes of religious exploration: he is, in addition to his scholarly work, a professional guide in meditation and in the pursuit of "inner peace" (see charlesburack.
Pyle argues that Hume has specifically chosen to write in dialogue form in order to guide the reader towards an undogmatic atheism that is not avowed by any of his characters but is nevertheless strongly supported by an overall case that emerges from the interaction between those characters.
Freedom of movement (the ability to be able to abandon the employment of his prince) is matched by undogmatic attitudes to action within the court space itself.