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Undone Chocolate said it believes Affinity Beverage Group has the right platform and resources to take its vision to the next level.
Try to tie your laces with different types of knots (after googling ones that work), and see how long it takes till your shoelaces come undone for each knot.
Previously, shirts buttoned up to the neck with ties were expected for work and formal events, one button undone with a tie for the end of the working day, two undone for a good night out and three only for those rare tanned and toned few.
Many of the poems in "Undone" have been written since 2003.
In the land of undone the populous tries desperately to create to do.
I walk out of my trailer with my pants undone - and they think I'm pregnant?
Diana, a duenna, undeed aided Ned and Ann in one odd, nude deed in a dune in India: undone, Diana ended a nun in need in an Andean den, died, and dined in Eden [Roxanne Bogucka]
3 : to cause the ruin or failure of <He was undone by greed.>
* What is the impact of necessary tasks left undone on the odds of frequent adverse events in chronic hemodialysis units?
So Nolan made up a tale about kids hanging out after their prom and dressed the dancers in some perfectly rumpled and slightly undone formal wear to illustrate it, which Curran and the company were happy to go along with.
The 101 questions asked and answered here by Hart-Davis--a scientist, writer, photographer, and broadcaster--cross a variety of subjects, Ever wonder whether dinosaurs could swim, why knots don't come undone, or how plant breeders have made blue carnations?
"Undone" is intimately arranged, with guitars, drum, and tambourine.