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On the contrary, she shows a profound understanding for the new converts, investigating the effect of post-war trauma and economic setbacks on their newly-adopted beliefs; the comfort and undoubtable absolution they find in that most extreme form of Islam.
UK Festival of Racing William Hill Grand Prix - First semi: 6-4 Crown Rover, 3 Lenson Joker, 4 Droopys Zach, East County, 10 Brimardon Star, 16 Undoubtable.
A "just war" must advance a just cause with a right intention, against an enemy that has incurred undoubtable and grave legal or moral guilt, and must never serve as means of mere territorial expansion, seizure of other peoples' resources, or maintenance of a "balance of power.
As none occurred, a special consistory reached the conclusion of constat martyrium, an undoubtable case of Fisher's and More's dying in and for the faith of the Church, which ruled out the need for miracles.
Despite the prevailing controversy among scholars concerning the religious background of magic text formulas in various Aramaic scripts and dialects, certain bowl texts show undoubtable Jewish contents and lore, although not all Aramaic square-script bowl texts contain Jewish themes.
This is a question of efficacy only, in that it is undoubtable that legitimization and self-glorification were the motives, but it is a moot point as to who believed them.
The class in the side is undoubtable, however they seem to lack that hardened attitude that make Premiership contenders.
This undoubtable fact raises a second similarity between old English sheepdogs and economists.
That editorial cartoons are of sociological importance is undoubtable since they provide a visual rhetoric, a "cognitive map" for understanding popular culture and politics, and a venue for "othering" since, in contrast to the written word, they can escape the constraints of political correctness.
His enthusiasm has rubbed off on the supporters who stayed loyal to the club and also on the new and returning supporters who, after so many false dawns, are seeing the club reach its undoubtable potential.
Without this they cannot learn to question the undoubtable 'truth' of their reading, nor to doubt the unquestionable logic of any one best way.