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Undoubtedly there is an unwritten compact in such matters between a mother and her first-born, and I desire to point out to you that he never breaks it.
Look at it how one may, this Barbara idea is undoubtedly a bad business.
Harriet undoubtedly was greatly his inferior in understanding; but he had been very much struck with the loveliness of her face and the warm simplicity of her manner; and all the probabilities of circumstance and connexion were in her favour.
The Austro-Prussian war appears to us undoubtedly the result of the crafty conduct of Bismarck, and so on.
Undoubtedly, undoubtedly," broke in Mr Verloc in a deep deferential bass of an oratorical quality, so utterly different from the tone in which he had spoken before that his interlocutor remained profoundly surprised.
They regretted that they had complied with M'Dougal's wishes, in laying aside their arms, and remarked, that, however the Americans might conceal the fact, they were undoubtedly all slaves; nor could they be persuaded of the contrary, until they beheld the Raccoon depart without taking away any prisoners.
THERE are undoubtedly huge advantages in installing CCTV camera systems in Karachi.
The event is undoubtedly the world's leading event for the most beautiful purebred Arabian horses.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Lt Gen (r) Abdul Qayyum on Saturday condoled the passing away of Colonel Amjad Hussain saying he was undoubtedly a 'legend' who not only witnessed creation of our great country on Ramadan 27 but also had the pride and privilege to contribute for its creation.
undoubtedly case sports is abuse SmITh He said bringing the case to court was "utterly disproportionate compared with what benefits would ensue".
OTHER MIDLAND GAMES One of the most attractive fixtures in tomorrow's League programme is undoubtedly that at Anfield where Liverpool will entertain Aston Villa.
Summary: The Mar Mikhael district of Beirut is undoubtedly the city's most fashionable right now.