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Pushing things, we could infer from the character's intrusion into the space of innocence (Miss Burstner's room), that this is a tentative of rape inducing undoubtful culpability.
15pm TEAM NEWS vvGeorgios Samaras (toe) and Kelvin Wilson (shin) are undoubtful while Virgil van Dijk is out with a foot injury.
Since the policy makers may not be undoubtful themselves, they just facilitate the implementation process ensuring that they have secured their share of the booty.
Accordingly, the approach in [13] was soon considered an undoubtful achievement.
I am undoubtful that insignificant progress has been made along this line given the nature of internal disturbances which keep common citizens locked in constant fear for their lives and property.
Since a belief in any miracle is an article of faith, it must be based on clear and undoubtful reference in the Qur'an.
Stock listing has undoubtful advantages: the attract of money from the capital market, the increasing of the social capital, the low costs of stock exchange financing, companies are not requested warranties (so the company may settle its own financing criteria, as compared to banks which generally offer standard products), the existence of a recognized market value, the free publicity in the country and abroad (Grecu, 2008).