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It is not allowed for people to undress or put on their swimming costumes in the public," said Major General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Acting General Commander-in-Chief of Civil Defence.
More than 60 images of her in various states of undress were posted.
We needed a man to play an African-American, a teenage boy, not to mention eight men who had to be comfortable at various stages of undress.
Photos of several women in a state of undress were found but no material linked to the case.
The email says male and female students were made to undress in their respective hostels.
Our fashions and our art are sexy, and yes, our parades include all kinds of people in various stages of undress.
It helped a great deal when asking patients to undress for their annual exams--both for male and female patients.
A common assumption, for example, is that the effects of age on an elder's body would make having to undress for a full massage uncomfortable or stressful since it can be time consuming and immodest.
A woman came into my home and demanded that I undress my daughter to prove she wasn't bruised or beaten.
The modestly scaled, square color images included in Dutch artist Hellen van Meene's first solo US exhibition depict seemingly vulnerable pubescent girls in poses and stages of undress that hint at sexual awakening.
My conversations with members of both groups indicate that they are so turned off by the outlandish dress, undress, and exhibitionism that they never bother to find out if the protesters' ideas make any sense or have any value.