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He said on the occasion he was arrested there was no one getting undressed at the relevant time so he did not commit the offence of voyeurism but he had been doing it for about a month.
The mother alleged to have seen for the first time her son undressed and sitting on the lap of the maid, who had allowed him to touch her uncovered top.
Chris Morris and Jossy Yendall hit it off in Undressed
The new series of Undressed starts Wednesday, 10pm on TLC.
2) Women He's Undressed is strongest when describing what made Kelly's work so special.
Undressed isn't just about stripping off, although that's important to help "accelerate intimacy", apparently, because "mutual vulnerability fosters closeness".
The young teenage male told the court that Dyer had then partially undressed him, hooking his finger around his trousers to pull them down before lying down and grabbing the boy behind the neck, pulling him down onto him.
I'VE got in the habit of spying on my neighbour as she gets undressed at night and have watched her having sex with her husband.
30pm screening of Burlesque Undressed (15) at the Electric Cinema, Station Street on Wednesday, February 24, has sold out, thanks to star Immodesty Blaize arriving to sign copies of her new book, Tease.
BURLESQUE Undressed, the feature-length film starring Immodesty Blaize, is being premiered at the Odeon Liverpool One on Thursday.
She was unaware it was recording her as she dressed and undressed in her bedroom.
He secretly recorded video footage of a schoolgirl and two women getting undressed in the changing room at his business.