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Martyn Youell MMO Head of Fisheries Management said: In our regular discussions with the fishing industry, the discarding of undulate rays has been highlighted as an issue in certain local areas.
He said: "Most people aren't aware that stingrays and undulate rays are in Tralee Bay.
undulates trigger, making this fish a very unique find.
A Bionic Underwater Thruster of Undulate Fin Driven by Hydraulic System.
The biggest undulate caught from a UK boat scaled 21lb 4oz 8dms, off Swanage, Dorset 23 years ago and was seldom challenged until Jeff Pracy cast a mixture of ragworm and mackerel bait on a day trip from Weymouth in the Atlanta and tempted a beauty of 19lb 15oz.
He required dancers to execute ballet moves to African percussion, and to undulate torsos and flutter fingers to the strains of the baroque.
BRITAIN'S biggest offshore undulate ray of 21lb 4oz 8dm is 22 years older since it broke the record in 1987.
Middleweight undulate rays are most attractive with distinctive markings and, unlike sting and electric rays, they are harmless to humans.
Rooted at one end, the molecules reach up and undulate as if blown by the wind.
PRICKLY but harmless undulate rays are never far from England's south coast, if you know where to fish, but they are a rare offshore sight elsewhere around the UK.
An earlier original installation, Snake, induces similar sensations through three sinuous steel planes that undulate provocatively through the gallery space.