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The stunning Ireland's Ocean film reveals how stingrays and undulate rays - which are relatives of the shark - migrate there every year to breed and give birth to their young.
undulates trigger, making this fish a very unique find.
PRICKLY but harmless undulate rays are never far from England's south coast, if you know where to fish, but they are a rare offshore sight elsewhere around the UK.
Gary Mackenzie is the name and prickly undulates are his speciality.
The third element, the earthwork, then addresses the space between the two masses, and consists of a mound that undulates in resonance with the distant hills to the south.
The white stucco ceiling undulates up to a peak of 22ft; the walls fan out, and their pale ash panelling is overlaid by ribs of clustered birch rods.
4 The striped cladding undulates expressively over the building, like an enveloping blanket, uniting the various volumes.