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T1 appears separated from the other two units due to its greater polycrystalline quartz (Qp) contents, while T2 and T3 differ in that non-undulatory quartz (Qmr) grains predominate over undulatory quartz (Qmo) grains in T3.
Erwin Schrodinger, "An Undulatory Theory of the Mechanics of Atoms and Molecules," Physical Review 28(6) (1926): 1049-70.
Erwin Schrodinger, 'An Undulatory Theory of the Mechanics of Atoms and Molecules', Physical Review, vol.
Millennia ago, undulatory swimmers like eels that had the right mechanical properties are the ones that would have survived," he said.
Flow patterns of larval fish: undulatory swimming in the intermediate flow regime.
Among fishes, anguilliform undulatory locomotion is used for terrestrial movement by American Eels (Anguilla rostrata; Gillis 1996, 1998), swamp eels (Synbranchidae), pricklebacks (Stichaeidae), and gunnels (Pholidae; Sayer 2005).
Among the topics are a bio-inspired condylar knee joint for leg amputees and for knee implants, environmental harmony and the architecture of place in Yoruba urbanism, oscillating foils for ship propulsion, the experimental hydrodynamics imaging and undulatory movement equation of steady swimming fish, and simulating a passive ground-coupled cooling system for a room in a hot humid climate.
Limestone beds are amalgamated, lenticular, having erosive bases and oxidized undulatory top surfaces with iron concretions.
The descent of the pycnocline (plunging) was associated either with lee wave down current, caused by the sharp change in bathymetry, or with internal solitary waves, which are the leading edge of an undulatory bore.
He enrolled to study natural philosophy, chemistry, natural history and botany and was awarded prizes for his Undulatory Theory of Light and for an essay on methods of physical investigation.
The wing is chartaceous, and the margin entire to undulatory.
For example, space can be conceived as being tridimensional, flat, undulatory, arched, or in other ways.