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A young woman who expressed strong feelings or made independent decisions was both undutiful and potentially sinful.
4 (Gaius, Lex Glitia) (discussing claims for undutiful will or the querela inofficiosi testamenti).
If any one of them [the English] did start into any undutiful action, the Borsolder was bound to bring him forth, when, joyning eft-soones with all his tything, would follow that loose person through all places .
Enoch accused Phebe of being undutiful in eloping from his bed and board; Phebe justified her conduct by accusing Enoch of using her "in so improper and cruel a manner, as to destroy my happiness" (1).
Fanny's undutiful vow, "'never, never, never,'" is vindicated.
To solve this dilemma, TW must first realize that she is not an undutiful daughter.
Receiving social services is also criticized by relatives who themselves are worried about their sekentei for having an undutiful brother or sister.
Driving to pick up their middle son at swimming lessons, she allowed herself an undutiful moment of impatience.
Not just this year but ever since she hit the headlines after her totally undutiful Uncle David abdicated.
The spurned and hence vengeful godmothers who have been transmuted into two muses are again refigured into two of the Erinyes, whom Aeschylus described as "frighteningly hideous" and whose "principal function was to avenge fathers, or more often, mothers, upon their undutiful children" (Tripp 1970, 231).
At first glance, Jane Austen's Mansfield Park reads like a conservative Cinderella story: undutiful daughters receive their just desserts, urbane pretenders are banished, and a good little girl wins the prized husband.
A Very Easy Death is all the more moving because it shows Beauvoir, the very type of the cold and undutiful daughter, unexpectedly broken up by the spectacle of suffering in someone she had frankly dismissed, years before, as understandable but not particularly interesting.