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Virtue-driven Values (Good Values or Human Values) Tolerance Humility Forbearance Honesty Tranquility Faith and self control Courage Purity and equality of vision Consentient Duty of Justice Love and respect Vice- driven Values (Bad- Values or Anti Values) Lethargy Falsehood Malice Jealousy Vengefulness Hatred Arrogance Lust Anger Greed Fear Craving Injustice and undutiful
A resonant image of McKellen's Lear is of the actor yanking off his belt, pathetically flailing it against the air as if he would give his undutiful daughters a whipping.
Enoch accused Phebe of being undutiful in eloping from his bed and board; Phebe justified her conduct by accusing Enoch of using her "in so improper and cruel a manner, as to destroy my happiness" (1).
Fanny's undutiful vow, "'never, never, never,'" is vindicated.
To solve this dilemma, TW must first realize that she is not an undutiful daughter.
Receiving social services is also criticized by relatives who themselves are worried about their sekentei for having an undutiful brother or sister.
Not just this year but ever since she hit the headlines after her totally undutiful Uncle David abdicated.
The spurned and hence vengeful godmothers who have been transmuted into two muses are again refigured into two of the Erinyes, whom Aeschylus described as "frighteningly hideous" and whose "principal function was to avenge fathers, or more often, mothers, upon their undutiful children" (Tripp 1970, 231).
The 1989 statute fails to incorporate the underlying policies of adverse possession law--clearing land titles, barring late claims of undutiful landowners, and giving permanence to those who have relied on the status quo.