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Director Shahid Nadeem said, 'The play takes its audience on a whirlwind journey into Pakistan's political history and enables them to take stock and experience the events, the stories of shattered dreams and undying hope.
Some "Destiny" enthusiasts were even fortunate to sample "The Undying Mind" strike.
Muscat: Spurred by a mutual undying love of art, an Omani architect, an Indian teacher, and a Taiwanese businessman have created a combined art exhibition, titled 'Eastern Strokes', which highlights and blends each of their cultures in a riot of colours.
Summary: Kevin James has declared his undying love for Zookeeper co-star Adam Sandler.
The Reporter will miss Kelly Lowenstein's lively spirit, dogged reporting and undying love for data.
A Facebook fan site sprang up praising Pippa's bottom and on Twitter smitten boys were declaring undying love.
Damas, a leading international jewellery and watch retailer in the Middle East, has launched its Mother's Day collection including five new limited edition Mother's Day pendants designed to reflect "your undying love and appreciation for her.
Governor Sheikh Ali Al-Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah in a speech on the occasion said that "Kuwait is going through undying days in its great history - This good land has a precious place in the hearts of all of its people.
When I told my ex, she broke down and declared her undying love for me.
However, one of the men is her undying first love - suddenly back on the scene after a decade - and the other is her new fianc.
Overcoming the racial discrimination of fellow Catholics, "his life was a witness to one man's untiring hope [and] undying faith.
Rhys' protective nature goes into overdrive when Jamie arrives in town and declares his undying love for Hannah, right.