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It is undying, it is but a memory, and its vividness cannot be made clear to another mind, any more than the vivid emotions of a dream.
You've earned my undying gratitude," answered the Assistant Commissioner, whose long face looked wooden in contrast with the peculiar character of the other's gravity, which seemed perpetually ready to break into ripples and chuckles.
Never mingle thoughts of me--of me who owe you so much love and duty--with anything but undying affection and gratitude for the past, and bright hopes for the future.
For you remember how he stood here before you on this platform; you remember how, face to face and foot to foot, I pursued him through all his intricate windings; you remember how he sneaked and slunk, and sidled, and splitted of straws, until, with not an inch of ground to which to cling, I hurled him out from amongst us: an object for the undying finger of scorn to point at, and for the avenging fire of every free and thinking mind to scorch and scar
Blotton, indeed--and the name will be doomed to the undying contempt of those who cultivate the mysterious and the sublime--Mr.
All I know, my dear feller,' said Mr Chuckster, running his fingers through his hair, 'is, that he is the cause of my having stood here twenty minutes, for which I hate him with a mortal and undying hatred, and would pursue him to the confines of eternity if I could afford the time.
IT'S a mystery to me how many times your correspondent G Hughes, of Tyseley, gets to drone on week after week about his obvious dislike of Aston Villa, Not once has he ever declared his undying love for his team from Small Heath which one would think he is ashamed of.
Moreover, the new strike, "The Undying Mind," supposedly shows a similarity to the Sekrion mission.
If Roman Abramovich had never interfered in team affairs, if he never imposed Andriy Shevchenko (right) upon his manager, who has no problems working alongside some sort of technical director, and if the relationship between the Russian and the Portuguese never broke down and if Mourinho was not sacked and has always held an undying love for Chelsea Football Club deep in his bosom, then why did he ever leave Stamford Bridge in the first place?
Summary: Muscat: Spurred by a mutual undying love of art, an Omani architect, an Indian teacher, .
I am now totally convinced that our universities run special courses for today's public servants where to qualify with an honours degree all you need is a lack of common sense and an undying commitment to abide by the unwritten rule that to succeed all they have to do is undermine everything that is decent and correct within society.
Summary: Kevin James has declared his undying love for Zookeeper co-star Adam Sandler.