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The court also directed that no unauthorized person would be allowed to be present at the site of unearthing of assets.
Smith and plaster-mold maker Karl Kockler get into the swing of things while unearthing a stegosaur.
For Unearthing the Past is discursive in the several senses of the word, full of stories and vignettes intricately constructed, abounding in sharp, and often paradoxical, observations.
There's more to archaeology, he says, than unearthing royal tombs and deciphering hieroglyphs.
"Unearthing Ancient America: The Lost Sagas of Conquerors, Castaways, and Scoundrels" covers the history of the country before the Europeans ever set foot here ...
With an uncanny ability to flesh out Miller's memoir by his unearthing of corroborative data, Safley relates the data to the larger interpretive questions at issue for historians.