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Macey attributed to them; for the pale thin figure of Silas Marner was suddenly seen standing in the warm light, uttering no word, but looking round at the company with his strange unearthly eyes.
All at once there began the most horrid, unearthly screaming, which at first startled me badly, though I had soon remembered the voice of Captain Flint and even thought I could make out the bird by her bright plumage as she sat perched upon her master's wrist.
As the writhing body of the black soared, as though by unearthly power, into the dense foliage of the forest, D'Arnot felt an icy shiver run along his spine, as though death had risen from a dark grave and laid a cold and clammy finger on his flesh.
It was a long poem of six or seven hundred lines, and it was a fantastic, amazing, unearthly thing.
He had hardly touched the paper with the point of his twig when a low, wild peal of laughter broke out at a measureless distance away, and growing ever louder, seemed approaching ever nearer; a soulless, heartless, and unjoyous laugh, like that of the loon, solitary by the lakeside at midnight; a laugh which culminated in an unearthly shout close at hand, then died away by slow gradations, as if the accursed being that uttered it had withdrawn over the verge of the world whence it had come.
It is not only his magic of words, it is this trembling touch upon the unknown, the unearthly beauty and sadness of which he makes us conscious in his poems that marks him as great.
We could never understand why they made so many visits simply to praise the regime and that country's leaders; until we realised they were treated like VIPs (something they would never have experienced in the UK) travelling down the reserved centre lane, usually in the back of large Zil limousine, before appearing on their media or at a rally, being cheered-on by a crowd, of mainly children, bussed-in at some unearthly hour, often standing for hours in freezing conditions, none of whom seem to know who they were waving their little red flags at.
The combination of this appealing mystery world and the intuitive controls form a soothing, unusual adventure as you swoop through intriguing structures, dive beneath the waters and track down switches, caches of wind power or useful leftovers, while the pale visual style creates an unearthly atmosphere enhanced by the delicate sound and music.
Aside from his unearthly talent on the basketball court, retired Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is perhaps best known for his relentless work ethic, staying in tip-top shape for most of his 20-year NBA career.
The unearthly being made its debut at the Walton house one Sunday evening in May, 1963.
Surely such a policy has to be better for family life than mothers driving around taking children to childcare at unearthly hours and being drained when they return home.
Having supermarkets open for trade at such unearthly hours?