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The technique of heating air without the need of commonly used, environmentally unfriendly and uneconomical electrical heating elements that consume huge amounts of energy.
Cost- cutting measures such as pulling out flights from uneconomical routes and leasing out excess planes also helped the company improve its finances.
When someone mentions the use of solar or wind energy, specialists say it's uneconomical.
In some areas, however, established inmate farm programs are seen as uneconomical or not relevant and are therefore being eliminated.
However, the sub-sea route is uneconomical and will cost almost double, " Chaturvedi said.
They were withdrawn in 1900 because they proved to be uneconomical. 1934: Al Capone was sent to Alcatraz.
These technologies exist and are relatively uneconomical in the United States now merely due to scale, limited engineering commitment and lack of public support.
"We have informed them of the necessity of signing an agreement to unify the oil fields and to move away from a situation where each side has control from its side as that will bleed these fields in an uneconomical way." Iraq is hoping for a further output boost after oil production and exports reached a post-war high in May.
Used extensively in installations worldwide, AquaProbe ensures accurate flow measurement in water distribution systems where installing a full bore flow meter would be either uneconomical or impractical.
This is because more sophisticated on-board technology and increasingly rapid depreciation make many repairs uneconomical.
The fight to bring back the Heathens could now be finished after wealthy businessman Tony Mole decided the pounds 500,000 project was "uneconomical".
Also, if it proves uneconomical to design and manufacture a custom union in limited quantities, the company can often adapt or covert an existing union to meet exact customer specifications, according to the literature.