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No man of sense who has been generally improved, and has improved himself, can be called quite uneducated as to anything.
Yes, it's just legal--business language--not so very uneducated, and not quite educated--business language
Beaufort was vulgar, he was uneducated, he was purse-proud; but the circumstances of his life, and a certain native shrewdness, made him better worth talking to than many men, morally and socially his betters, whose horizon was bounded by the Battery and the Central Park.
But I ask her to make allowances for a rough, uneducated man, rather clumsily touched upon his tender spot.
The uneducated foreigner could not even furnish a Santa Cruz Punch, an Eye- Opener, a Stone-Fence, or an Earthquake.
Besides the rosebush, she had observed several other species of flowers growing there in a wilderness of neglect, and obstructing one another's development (as is often the parallel case in human society) by their uneducated entanglement and confusion.
Even the common uneducated audience of the pit and gallery lost their interest in the play.
Many Indians took to social media, to discuss about how the move will deepen the divide among the rich and the poor, and the educated and the uneducated in India.
PESHAWAR -- Director General (DG) National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) Dr Mir Alam here on Tuesday said that providing education to the uneducated lot was the prime objective of NCHD.
Participants in Category B driving courses are young people at risk of social exclusion, unemployed aged 18-24, uneducated and uneducated.
Fiona, some years ago a newspaper was set up to cater for the working class who, in the eyes of the 'self important', are seen as being uneducated.