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It is the holistic approach that can assure better wound healing rather than an unelevated HbA1c levels alone.
The book is a timely volume at a time when founding figures in a space such as India have been deified to the point where even mild criticism leads to extreme governmental backlash; her work also restores to one of these figures his rightful, if unelevated, place in history.
Ideal conditions" might include the absence of attachments like a side shift, an unelevated load, a two-stage mast instead of the more common three-stage mast, solid rubber tires instead of air-filled tires, and so on.
JJW: I can see how Warhol is a model, and you're not afraid to deal with topics that are banal or unelevated.
Unsatisfied with nature's comparatively unelevated creatures and their ways, Owen determines to create in his artificial butterfly a "spiritualized mechanism" (469) symbolizing transcendent beauty and its capacity to inspire us heavenward.
Beautiful but lifeless, poetic but unelevated, "the Mistress of Spices" reps a brave but flawed attempt at that most unforgiving of contemporary genres, magical realism.
Third, competing causes of death may account for the unelevated rates of breast cancer observed in the mortality studies.
The canthus is angular, the snout is unelevated and broadly rounded in dorsal view, and the rostral is broader than high.
unelevated in the weeded plots and in the unweeded plots) were significant at the P = 0.
Total invertebrate abundance was higher (524%) on elevated tiles compared to unelevated tiles in the spring (F = 19.
A fertile-aged woman with right lower abdominal pain but unelevated leukocyte count and C-reactive protein: acute appendicitis is very unlikely.