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Unembellished document and fictive scenario intertwined, indistinguishable from one another.
Kossoff doesn't seem to suffer from Freud's self-conscious desire to prove how nasty he can be--he's got his own mishegoss--but he does share his taste for the unembellished, the unromanticized, and the apparently ordinary.
It's this sort of unembellished acting and charismatic self-assurance that sets him and Jef Flores (as Davie, who acts as Kelly's right-hand man) apart from the ensemble.
Largely unembellished, he describes most scenes with simple, observational language.
The actress is less effective in "Footfalls." Reduced to a mouth in "Not I," devoid of physical presence, Seldes is able to shed her naturally hearty theatrical manner, which is at odds with the rigorously unembellished aesthetic of Beckett.
An unembellished polygon, it sat isolated on the floor with its lid leaning against a wall, propped on shims of blue polystyrene, a balance of showroom bravado and workshop nonchalance.
I feel this way not because I think he is correct in much of what he asserts about African poetry, but because he tries to make his case with a sharpened sense of reason and an unembellished quest for the panoramic overview.
Through very simple unembellished slides, Howkins not only summarized the key principles from his two books, but he also proposed some concrete steps for the Philippines to embrace a creative economy policy.
As might be expected from a trained journalist Wyman writes in an unembellished voice.
Sharing the same fascination with the innocence of children, while lacking the subtlety of the best Iranian films, this melancholy drama is told in an unembellished docu-realist style that should make it an accessible exotic entry for kidfests.
Nature, the absurd, the use of military metaphors to describe the modem plague and its victims, and the direct, unembellished style all recall Camus.
These are served fuss-free, plated on unembellished glossy white tableware, platters and pottery set against a restaurant interior of earth tones and wooden furniture.