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Zizek interprets unembodied verbal narration in cinematic fiction as a symptom of the Real, seeing it as "the voice without bearer which cannot be attributed to a subject and hovers in some indescribable interspace .
47) In the process, Jane Lewis argues, Potter so identified herself with the "rational civic-minded" individual that she saw herself as unembodied, ungendered.
If you imagine trying to explain to an unembodied creature from a Star Trek episode what it means to have a body, you'd say things like: Having a body means that we always see the world from one perspective, that we care about what we see because we understand our body is always at risk, that we live through a particular span of history, and that we have desires with peculiar urgency.
It was the 'the unembodied Justice [which] is of Heaven; a Spirit, and Divinity of Heaven .
Once did I witness an outburst of his unembodied spirit.
For the difficult "Stanzas," Allen proposes "the unembodied essence" of nature or such a "quickening spell" which passes over one, like a UFO.
A person's 'envy,' unembodied in action, becomes pure moonshine from a praxeological point of view.
The whole existentialist tradition dramatizes this situation with great depth and beauty, yet its visions tend to be weirdly unembodied.
The holy grail, indeed, is a mythic, unembodied, unobtainable object in the Catholic, Christian tradition, no doubt a suitable analog to the Judge for what appeared to him to be an unembodied site, in fact, a non-site.
But she never quite reaches the most privileged end of this continuum/world order; she can never, paradoxically, fully embody the unembodied dimension of white masculinity, for "to embody" is still her definition and destiny.
Returning now to our earlier discussion of the "ideality of language," we can see that Lacan's insistence on the primacy of the signifier reflects (and depends on) a view of language as an unembodied relational structure.
29) There is no unembodied standpoint; the "lived body" (30) can be analyzed in two complementary worlds: primo, the presented world ("Gegenwelt"), i.