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I though how I would carry down to you the square of unembroidered blond I had myself prepared as a covering for my low-born head, and ask if that was not good enough for a woman who could bring her husband neither fortune, beauty, nor connections.
Will hebe told the plainer, unembroidered version of the incident?
Their poems sieved the sound of the mind as it mostly lives: unembroidered, unheightened, continually talking away to itself at some subterranean level; often dwelling, as mind does, in the superficial, yet bumping unavoidably into reality's cliffs.
It was a series of colourful, unembroidered dresses, short tube-tops, kaftan tops, pants and skirts often bordered with a dyed circular design.
His publisher IB Tauris said he didn't intend to cause trouble and the book was a "straightforward, unembroidered, eyewitness account of the key working relationship at the centre of government".
By purchasing in bulk, McKenzie Athletic can produce logo-embroidered goods for less than the retail cost of a similar unembroidered product, Luby said.
But this gracious net of words that Jesus casts in our direction is spare and unembroidered.