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On comparing the MRI images of boys and girls who displayed unemotional behavior, the team found that only boys showed significant differences in the area of the brain called the bilateral anterior insula compared to normal brains.
Assessing the affective features of psychopathy in adolescence: a further validation of the inventory of callous and unemotional traits.
They appear callous and unemotional to others, but their own emotional experience is that they're very distressed, have high levels of anxiety, higher levels of depression, higher levels of emotion," says Stickle.
Some studies involving CU traits showed that the scores obtained from the instrument for measuring CU traits could be treated as a unidimensional scale (summation of the sub-scales to obtain a single score) and/or as a multi-dimensional scale comprising of callousness subscale, uncaring subscale and unemotional subscale which are summed separately and analyzed to see their independent contributions (see: Ciucci, Baroncelli, Franchi, Golmaryami, & Frick, 2014; Essau, Sasagawa, & Frick, 2006; Fanti, Frick, & Georgiou, 2009; Kimonis et al.
Unemotional mourinho His former manager Jose Mourinho was far more unemotional, after all, it was he who allowed Lampard to leave Chelsea after 13 years there.
Putin appears to be a soulless, cold, unemotional leader who craves absolute power above everything else.
In this section, Byrd says the movement embodies Zimmerman's unemotional tone, and aims to provoke the audience to face uncomfortable realities about race in America.
The depiction of dragons as unemotional, practical creatures who never quite get what it is to be human despite physically imitating them--adds complexity to this multi-layered story.
Khar telling India to be unemotional about 26/11 is akin almost to Pervez Musharraf telling the PPP to be unemotional about Benazir's assassination
The selections printed here convey the chilling, matter-of-fact and unemotional nature of the original and end with Hoss's hope that the public would understand that 'he also had a heart and that he was not evil'.