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As far as 26/11 is concerned, we must be able to look at it unemotionally.
They look like animals and behave like animals and they can be killed as unemotionally as swatting flies.
One way to unfreeze that resistance would be to bring in a third party that can unemotionally evaluate the system and guide the company through the data collection process and rationalization process.
In contrast, contrived reinforcement may range from handing the client a piece of candy to objectively and unemotionally stating that this new behavior will serve them well in the outside world.
As we move forward, we will give due consideration to different viewpoints that are fact-based and unemotionally deliberated, for we know that different perspectives ultimately can strengthen our Total Force.
Obama somewhat unemotionally follows the rules of the game and not surprisingly is criticized for being somewhat aloof or professorial, and has even been called "a bystander in the Oval Office.
With efficiency their mandate, Gabi and Gregory travel the Lamex corridor, treating illness when possible and unemotionally abandoning groups of the contaminated and dying when treatment is determined to be futile.
Innerscope found that shoppers tended to react unemotionally to the daunting rows of cans.
Naturally, the group willingly and unemotionally agrees to accept what Chesnaye says as a gentlemanly display of good form.
There, the Chinese are shrewd practitioners of Realpolitik and Weltpolitik; they think deeply, unemotionally, and above all strategically about world affairs.
The remaining artists, Keizer, Charles Akl and Amr Gamal, El Teneen and Hany Khaled, have produced pieces that may have been memorable on the streets - most probably because our city is still not used to the sight of graffiti yet - but in a gallery space, where the severe limitations are unemotionally highlighted, they are easily forgettable.
Although Tom is also advocating to venture into the drug business, he does so unemotionally and lays out the positives and negatives of going down this path.