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Although the essence of life might be awareness and emotion, he must account for that awareness and emotion scientifically and unemotionally, with the result that "the writing of Bovary [becomes] a prolonged autopsy, an excision of the Romantic cancer" (Spencer 151) that plagued the author.
3, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As an investor, you approach the stock market unemotionally, always mindful to diversify your portfolio, invest for the long term and, if possible, buy low and sell high, right?
With objectivity, we can unemotionally assess the benefits and drawbacks of the different potential courses of action.
But you've got to deal with this issue unemotionally, with the least possible cruelty and there needs to be some form of management and control of the fox population both in the countryside and in towns.
I was glad I was legally able to carry," said Corley, 61, unemotionally, in the gravelly voice of a three-pack-a-day smoker.
perceived that lawyers should behave objectively and unemotionally and
The project manager needs to get the facts together as to why the change can't (or shouldn't) be accepted and present them logically and unemotionally.
Someone outside the company can ask the tough questions, listen and offer solutions that someone closer to the situation cannot because they can lend a broader "view" and approach the issue unemotionally.
As former bankers, they effectively and unemotionally articulate the issues in a concise and coherent format that lenders understand and appreciate.
And he also said, very calmly and unemotionally, that the world had to be prepared to use military force against countries that seek nuclear weapons.
REGARDING the topic of pacemakers and the Juddmonte International, I think it would be helpful to focus, unemotionally, on what would appear to be the position under the applicable rule of racing.
Which isn't to say I underwent it unemotionally or even with a modicum of calmness.