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Veterans who are drawing the Individual Unemployability benefit are also exempt from paying co-pays to include veterans who were prisoners of war.
Is this then a deliberate strategy to dumb down the nation's youth, increase their unemployment, unemployability and homelessness and condemn them to a life of poverty which this government has already announced it has discovered the causes of?
Dhanwant Singh say" Youth unemployability is a bigger problem than youth unemployment.
If I were to break down our horrific unemployment statistics into degrees of unemployability, I am sure to step on many sensitive toes.
A recent report by staffing company TeamLease finds that nearly six in ten Indian college graduates "suffer from some degree of unemployability.
One is the problem of unemployment, the other is the linked problem of unemployability, even when we have created employment opportunities.
Mental illness, drug addiction, unemployability and unhappiness await those whose lives are blighted from an early age by ineffectual or just plain bad parenting.
12,516 if married, (2) they had _> 50 percent disability or unemployability that was service connected, or (3) their diabetes or hypertension were not service-connected disabilities but they exceeded the U.
It will probably be only after bitter experience of redundancy, unemployability, employee and managerial inflexibility in the face of innovation, and of the economic and social costs of these, that the need for continuing education rather than just for ad hoc shots of reinstruction will be recognised.
Cynicism, unemployability, alienafion, resentment, moral and cultural decline, fatherless children, and the predictable entitlement surges that accompany all of these, already are converging to produce social pathologies that cut across ethnic, racial, and economic lines worldwide, leading free-world nations toward the kind of national security breakdown and financial crisis that eventually will "require" imposition of marshal taw internationally, which is what leftists would like to see, followed by a police state.
Some people do 'marginalise' themselves with their own unemployability, but do our education and welfare systems produce work-ready attitudes and abilities?
A business model that relies on tuition and tax revenue (the top six MFA programs, according to Poets & Writers, are part of large public universities); the continued unemployability of twenty-somethings; and the continued hunger of undergraduates for undemanding classes does seem more forward-looking than one that relies on overflow income from superfluous books by celebrities, politicians, and their former lovers.