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Compared with June 2018, youth unemployment decreased by 239 000 in the EU28 and by 179 000 in the euro area.
Across the EU, the seasonally adjusted average unemployment rate was 6.3 percent in June, same as in May.
The coverage rate of the unemployment protection system of April 2019 was 59.1%, which is an increase of 2.8 percentage points more than the same month of the previous year.
The highest number of available jobs was in the Bratislava Region (24,103), the fewest jobs available were in Banska Bystrica Region (5,452).At the same time, Labour Minister Jan Richter (Smer) expects unemployment to fall below 5 percent as early as next month, the TASR newswire reported.
A good unemployment insurance provider will work with you and your client to determine a fixed rate based solely on that organization's individual claims history and future expectations.
In other words, the natural rate of unemployment must be much, much lower than we thought.
For instance, countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao's Benin, and Burundi have low unemployment rates because:
Compared to other nations with similar gross national income per capita, China's unemployment rate in 2009 was relatively high.
Through the F&D articles we learn once again that tackling unemployment is a quite difficult task since there are multiple causes of unemployment, implying conjectural as well as structural problems.
Then these revenues can pay for skills development of some natives and unemployment insurance for others who cannot be retrained.
The high level of unemployment, in combination with a high fraction of long-term unemployment, presents challenges for both monetary and fiscal policymakers.
As a result, firms post fewer vacancies, fewer jobs are created, and unemployment goes up, everything else being the same.