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They aim to start a limited revolution of the informationally unempowered by offering tools to bolster privacy, to make things marginally harder for an adversary, or even just to protest data collection.
A proactive stance in fostering the review of such products would be likely to result in increased access to essential medicines and ensure more effective treatment of diseases that affect unempowered people, who are less able to put pressure on the health system.
When a task doesn't fit an employee's training or job description, they will look at a duty that obviously needs to be done by someone and say with confidence the words unempowered employees say all the time: "It's not my job.
This will bring us back to the root of the problem-the poor, unproductive and unempowered individual-that will lead us to the solution we have long searched for.
Integration into Legal and subordination to lawyers places compliance in a particularly unempowered place in the corporate hierarchy.
People feel unempowered about such issues," he adds.
S9, 76 (1993) ("The Court's finding disregarded the more pernicious effect of the ordinance--the exclusion of an unempowered group, not merely from buying or selling property, but from the opportunity to ascend to social and economic levels already claimed by the empowered group.
To Legarda, Flavier will always be remembered for bringing healthcare to the unempowered and to the marginalized, for being kind, for being generous, for being noble.
19) The groom was relegated to a marginal position as an unempowered, if not altogether reluctant consumer.
As a result, adults sometimes take special glee in appropriating or reappropriating them for their own political uses, of using the supposed powerlessness of childhood as a cover in the name of "protecting" the less or unempowered, and of imbuing their own sort of "power" into something supposedly lacking it otherwise.
The last two segments, the Wealthy Unempowered and the Wealthy Comfort Seeking consisted primarily of relatively young respondents with large families.