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"Unenclosed curtilage of a dwelling" means the unenclosed land or grounds, and any outbuildings, that are directly and intimately adjacent to and connected with the dwelling and necessary, convenient, and habitually used in connection with that dwelling.
unenclosed land for gathering, which was more than mere hobby in the
The judicial definition of unenclosed forest land as a collective pasture was to become a thorn in the side of the forest community, once their perceptions of intensive forest management -'good forestry stewardship'--(see below) were extended in the 1920s to embrace all forest land in Sweden, including private forest land.
Add tenant farmers, unenclosed common land and grouse shooting areas into the mix and suddenly the effective management of the moorland becomes an almost impenetrable mass of organisations, priorities and vested interests.
A select number of Carthusians, principally drawn from the lay brothers, interact with a segment of the unenclosed world to sell the world-famous Chartreuse liqueur that the Order created to be their primary source of revenue for physical existence.
Before the Norman Conquest of 1066, everyone had a right to hunt on unenclosed lands.
The Benedictines, Carmelites, Franciscans, Augustinians, and even several groups of beguines, or unenclosed religious women, all coexisted and offered to the city's residents a multiplicity of paths for those seeking new forms of piety, social interaction, and spiritual meaning.
It also houses an unenclosed, informal conference room, kitchen and coffee bar that have exterior views.
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, 650 Q St; Stock Mezzanine (Unenclosed) Over Existing Stock Room- Deferred Sprinkler Plans, Stock Lift By State Elevator Bd; $82,500.
While admiring Jaray's work, I always considered Centenary Square was too large, too open, too unenclosed by buildings to be a satisfactory public space.
At ISU smoking only will be allowed in personal vehicles driving through campus or parked in an unenclosed lot.
Four naive pots of plants were enclosed in each tent, while plants not used in the experiment were kept unenclosed by insect tents at the west side of the greenhouse as sentinels to indicate spider mite escape or infestation of the greenhouse by other pests.