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Duckworth says that Emma presides "[a]t the center of a world apparently unendangered by any possibility of discontinuity" (148), we must emphasize the word "apparently" and note that Austen makes very clear that she is representing a society on the move.
"It moved watchers to tears," my unendangered mole tells me.
unendangered, endless, painless, pin-head dancers of the night,
So the folks behind this enterprise have managed to come up with globally concerned stomach filler that tastes virtually like sawdust ground from unendangered wood." Give me a break.
Once again they are "Ivriyas," crossing borders to try to learn how to create an unendangered way of life.
He points to the "Unendangered Species" films and "What They Say About Hunting" with correcting wrong impressions youngsters have been taught about hunting.