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Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh)[India], June 2, ( ANI ): The agrarian woe seems to be unending across Madhya Pradesh, as another debt ridden farmer allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison in Dorawadi village of Mandsaur district.
Candid, exceptional, inspired and inspiring, "Enveloped: From Shattered to Secure: One Woman's Search for Unending Love" is very highly recommended, memorable, and rewarding reading for all members of the Christian community regardless of their denominational affiliation.
MULTAN -- A large number of enraged agitators torched local office of MEPCO in Multan to record their protest against long unending power cuts in Multan.
Amanda Bynes is living in NYC these days, and it seems her unending flow of money is allowing her to do whatever she wants.
What is he thinking Thursday walking in the snow a thirst unending that
The West and Europe easily accept massacres of Jews and the unending waves of Kassam rockets, because Israelas sins have to be washed away by Jewish blood.
A self-proclaimed peacenik, sounded like a peace shrink when shamelessly stating that Hamas "rocket attacks often push the region to unending cycle of violence.
Summary: DUBAI u Sir Mark Tully, BBCAEs iconic voice and ex-bureau chief of BBC India rendered his voice at the ongoing Literary Festival talking about the reasons behind the financial meltdown and giving references on his latest book aeIndiaAEs Unending JourneyAE.
His vision, his love, and his unending support are as important as his wisdom of the Gerson Therapy.
How his pockets coped with what seemed an unending supply will remain a mystery.
This managerial view of government leads inevitably to unending interference through the setting of 'targets'--so many hip-replacements per month, etc.
In Ken Loach's The Wind That Shakes the Barley (IFC First Take, 2006), a young Irish physician (Cillian Murphy) joins the IRA and initiates a ruthless and unending campaign against British occupation after seeing a gang of "Black and Tans" (soldiers) beat a boy to death.