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But the result of all this was a beautiful and unending family quarrel, in which I was the bone of contention.
So he and his three companions, with dogs, and sleds, and snowshoes, toiled up the frozen breast of the Stewart, toiled on and on through the white wilderness where the unending stillness was never broken by the voices of men, the stroke of an ax, or the distant crack of a rifle.
Rowelled by the squeaky music to recollection of old-world ports and places, Borckman lay on his face on the hot planking, beat a tattoo with his naked toes, and gutturally muttered an unending monologue of curses.
Good, as goodness might be measured in their particular class, hard-working for meagre wages and scorning the sale of self for easier ways, nervously desirous for some small pinch of happiness in the desert of existence, and facing a future that was a gamble between the ugliness of unending toil and the black pit of more terrible wretchedness, the way whereto being briefer though better paid.
Looking for something, looking for something," Harley Kennan would chant curiously, as he rode beside Villa and observed Michael's unending search.
It seemed to him that he had become light and ethereal; that it was he that was in motion; that he was being driven with inconceivable velocity through unending solidness.
It crushed them with the weight of unending vastness and unalterable decree.
I was married to a rare soul, or a fool, who never bored me and who was always a source of new and unending surprise and delight.
And there are shining gates and an immoveable threshold of bronze having unending roots and it is grown of itself (25).
She didn't love him--she was emphatic about that, but she was all tired out, and she wanted to get away from the unending drudgery.
The wind shifted into the north and blew unending gales.
A little emblem of true love--a little ring that symbolised unending and unmercenary affection--was the cause of our Richard finding his happiness.